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[♥] i want simple simple love。

We promised… Until Whenever.

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VIPs, this is our toughest fight yet. Together- hand in hand (though virtually at that) - Let’s just keep supporting Daesung. Let’s do everything to make our angel smile again. :)


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It’s the only album on my shelf that is not YG Family related. It has been lying in my room for a while and it starting to bug me. It’s bugging me because I don’t know where to put it. After much thoughts of to put in or not to put in my YG Family merchandises case, I decided put it on the second shelf. It’s so odd to have something not YG Family related in my “YG Family” case… I’m not weird for thinking that way right? LOL~ I know, serious OCD much, LOL! It’s not even mine; it’s my sister. She won it from the Okaypop’s Easter Egg Hunt event. She doesn’t know what to do with it, so it ended up in my room…I have this huge urge to take it off the shelf right now. I keep looking over at it and cringing^^;;. It’s not that I don’t like Beast! I do like them. It’s just that…it’s not an YGE album, LMAO!  YG Family goodies go into YG Family goodies case…get it?~ OH GOSH, I am weird. Aigooo! ^^;; LOL

…Through this blog post, you got to see a glimpse of my YG Family collection. Yee^^! ~ LOL! I’ll show you my whole collection next time. Thanks for reading? LOL~ xP /Now what to do with that mini-album?@_@

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[PROJECT#15] Two Anyone - An Overview, 2NE1’s 2nd Anniversary Project

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